June 14, 2010

who doesn't like ice cream?

messy face & shirt

as we were finishing up dinner on saturday night, i had the brilliant idea to hop in the jeep and head over to our local dairy queen to enjoy a ice-cold blizzard. no, really. it was a brilliant idea. we ordered our ice cream treats, found a great place on the outdoor patio and really enjoyed ourselves.

look at all my teefs!

daddy & mama enjoying time outdoors

cayden flirted with everyone around us. we've seriously got to get this kid saying "hi," as staring at people just seems rude. and if we ask him to wave at someone, he looks at us like we're crazy. & i promise that he does know how to wave hi. we just can't get him to do it on demand. only on his time.

sugar + almost bed time = one sleepy kiddo

anyway, the ice cream treat was exactly what we needed at the end of a really hot and humid day.


emily bilbrey said...

fun! david and i took poppy to baskin robbins the other night for the first time. she walked around waving "hi" to everyone and smiling. also ate a few bites of ice cream and half a waffle cone. it was a perfect family outing! (-:

i just love the last couple pictures of cayden with his sleepy eyes! he's such a doll.


.jimaie.marie. said...

gosh, he is such a doll!!

becca said...

@emily: he really did enjoy himself. & sat there smacking his lips while patiently waiting for one of us to give up some more ice cream.

@jimaie.marie: thank you so much!

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