June 23, 2010

a water baby

our water baby

yep, we've got one. only discovered this past weekend though. we were visiting nana and pop and decided to enjoy their neighborhood pool. cayden was quite the happy camper in his float. (don't let that photo fool you. he really did have a good time!) but when we took him out, we noticed that he was kicking his legs. like a frog. omg. probably the cutest thing ever.

jeremy would hold him on his belly, and cayden would occasionally dip his face in the water while kicking his legs. & considering that he doesn't like having water on his head in the bath, this was a huge deal. so jeremy decided to see what would happen if he let go.

one tired cayden

and wouldn't you know? our little guy held his breath and kicked his legs. & gasp!, enjoyed it. this mama and daddy couldn't have been prouder. cayden was pooped the rest of the day. (note to self: we really need a pool. cayden takes great naps after swimming.)

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