June 25, 2010

there's a frog on our wall

it's a bathroom frog!

yep, it's true. it's this totally awesome boon frog. & it holds all of cayden's bathtime toys. can i tell you how much i love it? a lot. you see, if you aren't familiar with this product, that area that has a handle actually comes off and turns into a huge scoop. and since it has holes all in it, it gets the toys and all the water falls back out. plus, it's pretty cute.

before we got mr. frog, we just had this bag that hung on the wall with all his toys in it. and while it had a mesh bottom, we felt that there were was still too much water hanging out in there that could potentially cause all sorts of problems. mr. frog joined our family during cayden's birthday party.

the other cool thing about him? when we remember, cayden LOVES to drop his toys back into the scoop area when we're done with the bath. & i can see him loving to scoop all the toys out as he gets older. so all around? a great investment that looks cute in the bathroom.

for those of you wanting something a little more girly? they also have a ladybug!

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