June 4, 2010

private pool

yep, that's right. we have our very own private pool! it's totally awesome. and well, it holds about three people. standing room only.

trying out the pool for the first time

haha... ok, so it's a baby pool that nana and pop got cayden for his birthday. it attaches straight to the hose. depending on water pressure, it either shoots sprays all the way up in the air, or it bubbles little amounts of water.

small amounts of water are ok

cayden prefers the small pressure of water. jeremy and i preferred the bigger sprays. maybe because it made cayden cry all funny. is that wrong?

best face ever?

happy the water went down

i think we'll be having some fun with this through the summer. and once cayden realizes that it's like a bath outside, he'll be down with it too. i hope.


Rachel said...

You are so mean!! :) But it is the best face ever. Looks like fun, I might have to come for a pool party!

Ashley said...

I must have one of these! Cayden is so cute!

Lindsey said...

These are so cute! And I think my hubby and I would do the same thing with the water pressure...sometimes it's just fun to have a little fun with the babe's :)

Sheri said...

LOL Poor little guy!!!

Samantha said...

That looks so cute! Where can I find one of those?

Susan said...

What a precious baby!! Great shots too♥

becca said...

to all those curious about where to get one of these, you can find them on amazon:

one step ahead lil' squirt baby pool

best wishes!

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