June 10, 2010

note to self:

jeremy couldn't find cayden's jammies last night (they were in the dryer), so he just put him in his diaper and a tshirt. no worries, right?

fast forward to this morning: enter cayden's room and see a very naked bum sticking up in the air. with his diaper beside his face. gah! just very thankful that there was no poop in the diaper. but still. bed had to be stripped. & an emergency bath given.

and wouldn't you know, while we were waiting for the water to run for the bath, mr. cayden decided to pee on the floor. "uh-oh," he said. uh-oh is right. i knew the day would come when he'd start removing clothing. but it has to happen now? sigh. how i love this kid. and his "uh-ohs."


Morgan and Robbie said...

that is priceless! :) When I read the first line I was thinking the worst. Thank goodness it wasn't! :)

Laura Jane said...

Oh no! I am NOT looking forward to this. We always have naked baby time after bath and there have been a few accidents. I can't believe he pulled it off at night, though!

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