June 8, 2010

handmade recess

totally needs a spot on our kitchen table

you guys, if you've paid any attention to this blog, you'll realize that i might have a slight obsession with elephants around here. blame it on the fact that i went to alabama. but even if i didn't, i think i'd still love the things.

imagine my little heart stop when i saw that handmade recess is giving away two placemats to two very lucky blog readers. & guess what's on them? that's right. elephants.

& can we talk about the mess that cayden makes at the table? how adorable would this look with his mess all over it? um, let me just tell you: it'd be freakin' adorable.

if you want a chance to win one of these yourself, head on over to handmade recess and enter (you can have up to three entries, but you know, i loved it so much that i thought everyone should know about it too. or, maybe i didn't pay attention to the fact that you can only enter three times. CAUSE I WAS BLINDED BY THE ELEPHANTS!). but let me just warn you that i might have to hunt you down should you win one and i don't.

best wishes!


Crissy said...

that is awfully cute! I like elephants too!

Melissa said...

That is totally cute even if I am an Auburn fan.

ellen said...

Thanks for the kind words! Also, I love the new look.

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