June 7, 2010

summertime and the livin's easy

our little red-faced family enjoying the day

every june, our city throws this great festival that's completely free. well, except for the food and drinks. and we all know how much those can cost at these types of things.

but it's a really cool thing. they have all these great bouncy things for the kids. for free. cayden was only big enough to attempt one of the bouncy houses. and he was only allowed in that one because it had a huge sign that said "three and under only." otherwise, he would've been trampled. as it was, he just sat in it bouncing on his butt. but he seemed to love it as he squealed and laughed.

cayden chasing the army tank; he could've done this all night

it was hot though. like, whoa, hot. & as we all sat there in preparation for the free concerts that go along with this event, we contemplated maybe leaving. then, we look over our shoulders and see a HUGE raincloud coming at us. jeremy pulled out the iphone to check the radar, and sure enough, we were about to get pelted.

taking several drink breaks

i was all, "let's make a run for the car." and jeremy, being mr. cool most of the time, was all like, "um, we'll never make it." thankfully, we did know someone at the soundboard. which just so happened to be covered by a tent. the first rain drops started falling, and i didn't think it was going to be so bad after all. & then a huge gust of wind came. & all the tents in the kid play area behind us didn't look so nice. after one missed us by about ten feet (seriously, i was on jeremy to protect us!), we headed for the soundboard and a little reprieve from the now pelting rain.

too much excitement for me.

the rain cooled things down for a bit and then the great alabama humidity kicked in. & believe me, if you've never experienced southern heat AND humidity, then you have no idea what i'm talking about. but we tried to forget about it. we listened to music, danced, and wore ourselves out.

cayden was asleep before we barely got out of the parking lot. good times...


Elle The Heiress said...

Sounds like a good time despite the rain! Charleston has several free festivals during the summer months (the series of them is actually called Festivall), and it's such a great way to spend family time.

I can't believe how FLAT it is there! Is there even a single anthill in the whole town?! LOL

pharmgurhl said...

glad you guys had a great time! wish we could have been there with you to bear the heat. ...isn't the festival held in a football field..? hence, the flatness.

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