May 14, 2010

poor thing

our little guy has been pretty sick this week. when the coughing was getting to be too much, jeremy took him to the doctor to discover that he still had an ear infection [that's apparently lasted for about three weeks now] and he has croup. ugh.

so, we had new antibiotics prescribed for the ear infection and a steroid shot to help with the croup. and guess what? we get a call from school yesterday that he has 103º fever. so home he comes from school. he had a fever all day yesterday, and after he threw up his last milk of the day and his medicine, we put a call into the on-call nurse. she reassured us that the fever was ok; that this thing was normal. but since he'd thrown up all his medicine, we needed to give him a fun suppository for the fever – to make him more comfortable [how in the world shoving something up someone's back-end will make them more comfortable, i'll never know.]

he woke this morning with a fever of 101º. we've been told that if it stays up through tomorrow to call and get an appointment... but that most times these things clear up within three days.

jeremy and i were both a little nervous about him sleeping half-way across the house last night, so we thought we might try letting him sleep in our bed [i know, i know]. but the little guy is SUCH a bed hog. seriously. he wiggles around everywhere and then decided to lay out sideways. he went back to his room; we turned his monitor up super loud. and all was well.

here's hoping that the stupid fever disappears tonight. or at least in the morning. [thoughts & prayers are appreciated.]


Rachel said...

Aunt Rachel is praying his fever goes away today...poor guy.

Jen said...

get well soon, cayden!

pharmgurhl said...

poor lil fella! can totally sympathize....balin had a fever virus once...had a high fever for about 4-5 days. It was terrible! I thought it would never end!!! you feel so helpless and scared and worried...luckily, since balin had his 'big bed' jason and i were able to sleep with him during the night. Balin would just lay there...lifeless...which is so unlike him. HOpe he gets better soon!

emily bilbrey said...

oh, i'm so sorry to read this mama! oh, and just so ya know, i bring poppy to bed with me any time she isn't feeling well, or when she needs the comfort (right now she's working on 4 new teeth coming in, so it's pretty much a nightly thang.) yes, they can be bed-hogs but sometimes it just the thing that both mom & babe need! (-:

poor little lamb. hope he's feeling much better! sick babies are the SADDEST. hugs!

becca said...

thanks for all your kind thoughts y'all. cayden's fever finally broke on sunday morning. such a crazy thing!

em - four teeth at once? sheesh. two at a time was awful for us. miss poppy will be chomping on everything soon!

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