May 25, 2010

one year check-up

cayden loves sitting in the big boy chair

the well-kid check-ups are something i love and hate all at the same time. i love finding out how much our sweet babe has grown. & i really love our pediatrician. and i'm sure that any mama out there can figure out why i hate them. ugh, the dreaded shots. today, we only had three. but it was awful for me [and obviously cayden]. like, i seriously almost choked up. i was only watching; jeremy was the one holding him down! i'm such a sap these days. [let's not even talk about me choking up while everyone was singing "happy birthday" at the party over the weekend.]

but i digress... the check-up today went really well. dr. c loves cayden. and cayden seems to love everyone.

one year stats:
weigh > 21.13 pounds
height > 30.25"
head > 18.75"

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