May 25, 2010

a happy birthday

aunt jodi took this photo

cayden's party went really well on saturday. we were able to get him down for a nap before all the festivities happened so that he'd be ready to party like a rockstar. & party like a rockstar he did. around 25 of our closest family and friends came over for the shindig. we cooked out, ate, talked, laughed, sang "happy birthday", ate some more and opened gifts. it might have all been a little overwhelming for the birthday boy, but he didn't seem bothered by any of it.

cupcake tree

he ate his lunch like a champ. and then dug right into his cupcake. he was a little tentative at first. but once he got a taste of the [homemade!] icing, he was a goner! i'm pretty sure he ate the whole thing. [and yes, we could tell that he'd had some serious sugar afterward!]

enjoying every last bite of my cupcake

after a quick bath [um, icing pretty much everywhere], we changed him and opened presents. again, he still doesn't really get the whole present thing yet. tissue paper? yes, that's a great present! but he's seriously loved on every thing since saturday. [in fact, he's getting really good at keeping himself entertained with all the new toys around. gah!]

sittin' on the bean bag that mama & daddy got me

loving my new bama hat

these are just a few photos from the day. i downloaded the ones from our camera last night – all 187 of them. seriously? we still have some to get from one more friend as she let us use her camera during the day. and i'm telling you, those photos are going to be awesome because it's a way better lens than what we normally shoot with. i'll be sharing some of those once we have them.

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Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

So so sweet! and fabulous picture taking!

Also that yellow rug! I LOVE IT!

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