May 12, 2010

good friends & good times

last thursday night we were able to meet up with our friends tom and jennifer. we don't get to see these two nearly as often as we'd like [they freakin' live in pennsylvania!], so we take what we can get. we spent a good couple of hours at p.f. chang's eating and hanging out. & catching up.

it's so awesome to have friends like these two. you can go months without seeing them, and as soon as you do see them, the friendship just clicks again. and then it sucks because the night has to end and you realize it'll be a while before you see them again. we love these guys, and miss them both terribly. sigh.

we'll definitely have to try to make the trip up north next. could be an interesting car ride with the little guy in tow... but it'll be worth it!


pharmgurhl said...

wow! at first I thought that was you in the top picture...I was thinking...did Rebecca get extensions? ahahahahaaa! ...and did Cayden take the last picture since he isn't in the pic? If so, I think you've got some talent on your hands :)

Tom Bejgrowicz said...

(laughs) Indeed, Cayden shot the last photo. He was going ON and ON about the light conditions, f-stops, apertures, blah, blah, blah. ;)

I concur with everything written here and we look forward to hosting y'all up here in Lancaster for a 2nd time. We really should book it around the First Friday of a month for the gallery night, etc. Anyway… GREAT POST!!!

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