May 13, 2010

birthday series: sixth month

how did we get here? half a year gone already. this was a big month for you, cayden. not only did it include one of mama and daddy's favorite holidays, but it also included your first trip to tuscaloosa to experience your first tailgate. [which you thoroughly enjoyed.]

you also got to meet poppa rip during your sixth month. he's daddy's daddy. but he lives all the way out in california, so it's sometimes hard for him to get to alabama. one day, we'll buy fly out and go see him. we're both pretty sure that you'll love cali. it doesn't have this humidity stuff that we have here.

we slowly introduced you to more solid foods [pureed, of course]. we caught several funny faces of you eating [bananas especially!]. it was fun to see how you would react to different flavors.

cousin ethan had his fourth birthday party [your first birthday party to ever attend!] at the local bouncy house. you did go down the big slide with daddy, but you also spent a big part of it napping on nana's shoulder.

to enjoy the halloween festivities, we went to a semi-local pumpkin patch. took a ride on their train [your first train ride too - what a month of firsts!]. we also went to boo at the zoo. it was a little chilly out, so uncle justin snuggled you up in his cozy jacket. and then, on halloween night, we all went trick-or-treating in aunt rachel and uncle justin's neighborhood. just know that mama and daddy usually throw a pretty big halloween party. so your second halloween might be a little different.

you were an expert sitter by the end of this month. & dr. c was very impressed by your sitting skills at your six month check-up. you continued to amaze us with your sleeping habits and continued to give us tons of smiles, laughs and giggles throughout the month.

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erin said...

what a cutie. happy 6 months, it goes so quickly.

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