May 9, 2010

birthday series: second month

during the second month, cayden continued to sleep. but there were many more moments of being awake. we also started getting longer stretches at night. [i'm talking at about six weeks, down at 9 p.m. and sleeping until 4 a.m. then having a bottle, and going back to bed until 8ish. and he's seriously still a great sleeper!]

this was also the month that we started cloth diapers. i swear, looking at the photos below makes it look like he hated them, but he was having one of his rare fits. he started wearing them at about six weeks; we waited until then because they were a little too large until then.

and, it was also the month that he started daycare. such a bittersweet moment for us. but it's turned out really good. he loves school and his teachers love him.

tomorrow = third month...

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