May 17, 2010

birthday series: ninth month

apparently we had another month of parenting failure when it came to taking photos of you, sweet cayden. honestly? i think what happened was the photos started turning into more videos... because you started doing all these great things that are really hard to capture in a photo.

you were chatting up a storm by this time, and crawling like a pro [and yes, you finally figured out how to move forward rather than backwards].

mama and daddy were in the process of packing up the house to move to our new home, so that might explain the lack of photos during this month too.

1 comment:

emily bilbrey said...

what a sweetie! poppy got much harder to photograph since she became mobile - and suddenly it's harder to make her look at the camera too! if you saw the things i do to get a photo of that kid, you'd crack up... (-;

cayden is such a happy little boy! love him snoozing on the boppy and "reading" his valentine's day card. beautiful boy.

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