May 8, 2010

birthday series: first month

that first month was quite a learning experience. for everyone.

we had some great highs: a baby that slept wonderfully from day one [in his own crib that very first night], a non-crying baby [seriously only cried when he was hungry] and overall, just a really good routine between me, jeremy and cayden.

and, like every new family, we had some lows: discovering that my milk never came in [resulting in me breaking down when the pediatrician told us he wasn't eating enough], weird sleeping schedules [yes, i know this happens to everyone] and just generally trying to get everything figured out.

cayden's first month home was awesome though. from his first bath, to his first teeny-tiny dip into a swimming pool. he also attended his very first concert at 2.5 weeks. he continued to meet all sorts of family and friends [including his six cat sisters and brothers]. it seemed like bringing cayden home was just a natural process for us. the cats just took him in. and, like all new parents, we'd sit and stare for hours at this beautiful creation that we'd been blessed with [and to be honest, we still do this sometimes].

stay tuned for the second month tomorrow!

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