May 18, 2010

birthday series: eleventh month

during your eleventh month, we celebrated your first easter! the easter bunny wasn't entirely sure of what to bring you, but i think you were happy with what he did bring. i'm guessing your second easter might be a little more fun – expect to hunt eggs!

by this time, you were a pro at walking – you would still take a few tumbles – but, for the most part, you'd figured it all out. and you would raise your hands up above your head for balance. um, definitely cutest thing ever.

you met a great friend of mama's [and daddy's now, too] during a dinner one night. stephen was in town for one of his best friends weddings, so we got to squeeze in a moment so that you two could finally meet.

mama and daddy also celebrated their fifth anniversary during your eleventh month. this meant that aunt rachel babysat you [a couple of times!] for us so that we could have a date.

tomorrow is your twelfth month wrap-up... which only means that on thursday, you turn a year old. big sigh.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Love this group of might be because Cayden finally met Stephen...I love that photo!

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