May 15, 2010

birthday series: eighth month

christmas! and while you were seriously way more interested in what wrapped your presents, it was still a complete joy. we spent christmas eve evening with grana, poppa and aunt jenny. and we had christmas breakfast with nana, pop, aunt rachel, uncle justin and ethan.

we went to steak n shake for the first time ever. and while you weren't so pleased with the hat we put on you, you did look entirely too cute. we also made an unscheduled trip to the pediatrician because you developed hives randomly one day. [we still don't know why. they just came and went.]

and you started to get really serious about that crawling thing. you were up on all fours. but moving backwards. or you just showed us how well you could balance by sticking your little butt up in the air and one leg in the air with it.

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