April 2, 2010

for the fellas

and by fellas, i mean my hubby. and cayden. cause you see, jeremy sometimes gets flustered when trying to think of things to get me. and to be honest, i'm probably not the easiest person to shop for. i never really need anything, and when i think of something i want, if i think about it long enough, i decide i don't need it.

march, april & may are tough for him. in march, we had my birthday. in april, we're celebrating our fifth anniversary. and well, in may, there's mother's day. three months in a row that he's buying something for me. he did great on my birthday. and from what i know about our upcoming anniversary, he's doing pretty good in that area too.

so, instead of just leaving it all up to him for mother's day, i thought i'd help him out just a bit by giving him a couple of ideas.

{image pulled from ripe goods}
first up, this necklace from ripe goods. it's gorgeous. and i'd love to have it with cayden's initial 'c' with his birth date {5.20.09}. we do plan on having other kids one day... which would make this necklace obsolete at some point {as i wouldn't want to show favor to one kid over another}, but that's not for a while yet... so i'm thinking i'd get some pretty good use out out of it.

{image pulled from gussy}
my other suggestion? completely different. i'd love a bag from gussy. particularly the bag shown here. it's completely girly with its {adorable} ruffle, but i'm finding myself drawn to these type of accessories more and more often. it's meant for a laptop, but surely i could get away with carrying it as a regular bag? perhaps a diaper bag even. either way, love it and think it's gorgeous.

jeremy, i hope this helps you out. it might even help other people out too. {other mama's, just point your husband in the direction of these sites!}

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Jen said...

Oh my, I love that bag. Love. It.

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