April 20, 2010

busy, busy

we actually had a pretty busy weekend. we had a birthday party to go to. errands to run. anniversaries to be celebrated. rooms to paint. and a concert to go to. whew.

our dear friends jodi & jason were celebrating their little guy's third birthday. it was at a local park {complete with great playground}. we all had a great time. thankfully, the weather held out and it wasn't too hot. balin received a TON of presents {i don't think he'll run out of monster trucks any time soon}. and he was loving every single minute of his party.

cayden with his new girlfriend, baker:

on sunday we decided it was time to bite the bullet and paint cayden's room. i'd say we're about 75% done; we have the ceiling left to do and probably one more quick coat everywhere else. i'm excited to get it put together and share with everyone.

sunday night, we went to see one of our favorite bands play {thrice} at probably one of the best venues in birmingham {workplay}. we had an awesome time. at one point, jeremy leaned over and whispered: we're parents and we're at a rock concert. so cute. & so true. the night would not have been possible without the help of both our sisters {my sister babysat the little guy, while jeremy's sister got us in the concert FOR FREE!}. many thanks to rachel and jenny for loving us in their own little ways...

today we celebrate this guy's 11 month day. which means one month until his first birthday. oh, the party... i've got invitation design ideas. and a couple of ideas for some food... but decorations? i'm at a loss so far. hoping something hits me soon.

oh, and this is how cayden looks when he's walking. notice the look of concentration. and the hands? omg, the hands. love them.


Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

He is so big! and beautiful! one month, wow!

Jen said...

I love this post! Cayden is so cute and I know you'll have fun planning his first birthday party! Can't wait to see the pics of his room. Love that you guys went to a fun concert - sounds like it was a great anniversary weekend :)

emily bilbrey said...

yay! lookit your little walking man! so cute! happy 11 months - this month is going to FLY BY!!

oh, and birthday decor? i recommend making some banners! just buy some scrapbook paper & ribbon, and cut the paper into triangles of any shape and size you like. then punch holes or use a box knife to cut slits to string the ribbon through, and you're done! i made a ton for p's bday and they looked great, in fact i haven't taken them down yet! muchos festive!

good luck on the party prep! cheers!

Becky said...

He is such a doll.... so precious!!
I love you, Cayden!


Tracy said...

Aw! Let's try to get together more often so Baker and Cayden can become good buddies! You can always come over and sew. I have not looked at my photos yet... If I have a good one of him... I will email to you!

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