April 12, 2010

bass pro shop

since we were in leeds over the weekend {for the indy race}, we decided to stop in at bass pro shop and see what all the fuss was about. ok guys, the place was huge. seriously, HUGE. and it smelt a little funny. like a big poot. and well, there were lots of dead, stuffed animals.

jeremy: "seriously, what did you think would be in here?"
me: "well, i don't know... but i wasn't expecting this!"

but it was all good. cayden was really enthralled by the place. from the {again, smelly} fish tank to all the stuffed animals. my nephew on the other hand? he couldn't get away from the stuffed bear quick enough.

while we were there, we picked out a four wheeler, some hiking shoes, and i think two or three pontoon boats? maybe it was just two. there were signs everywhere that says: "we take trade-ins." no lie, i asked jeremy if they would take my saab. i think i'd much prefer a pontoon boat on a lake to driving a car everywhere. anyway, there were some really nice things in there. that we can't afford. but
we dreamed. {& i'm still dreaming of one of those boats.}


pharmgurhl said...

I'm sure Jason and I would be drooling in that place too! ...especially Jason.

erin said...

How fun, my guy loves the bass pro shop. Whenever we've gone there he will look around for.ev.er! I love all the photos, especially the last photo of your little guy on the four wheeler.

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