March 26, 2010

welcome home?

as we were standing in the garage of the new house last night, jeremy looked over his shoulder and said, "hey look! a tornado!" um, excuse me, what?

so i ran around the car, and sure enough, you could see the beginnings of something not-so-fun forming. i looked at him and said, "shouldn't we go inside?" jeremy: "oh yeah." so we grab cayden back out of the car and get in the house. cayden and i headed to the laundry room. jeremy headed to the nearest window.

anyway, it never completely formed and touched down – thank goodness! but it was still a little creepy. we couldn't get our cable turned on fast enough so jeremy had called his mom in the meantime. & of course they were reporting sights of a tornado RIGHT OVER OUR CITY!

ugh. all is well though, and the storm headed on out of there super-quick. but really? is that any way to welcome us to the neighborhood mother nature? i think not.

1 comment:

Jen said...

I was telling Brandon about your tornado tweet last night and we both agreed that tornadoes are one thing we don't miss about living in Alabama!

Glad you guys are okay. Hope you are enjoying your new house and getting settled!

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