March 1, 2010

recommended reading

i thought i'd try a new thing on here. some of you may love it, some of you may hate it. but whatever. you're getting it. & who knows? perhaps you'll find something you like?

i love reading; always have, most likely always will. i just got finished reading the girl with the dragon tattoo. & i highly recommend. seriously, it's compared to silence of the lambs. it takes some time building up these great main characters and then BAM! you're in the middle of this mystery with so much going on all at once. i didn't want to put the book down... but, with a nine month old at home, my attention was fleeting at best.

so, if you're at all interested in drama/mystery/slight romance {very slight}, then pick it up. as always, amazon has a great price on it.

up next? quite possibly the sequel, or i may start into a series borrowed from a friend at work {that revolves around vampires... i know, i know. oh, and it's not twilight. i've already been there, done that – a couple of times. ::blushes::}.


Cindy said...

I started reading it, there are a lot of characters. My mom needed it back as it's her book club book, so I'll probably start from the beginning again.

Jen said...

You're the second person to recommend this - I think I'll have to check it out! About to start "The Help."

And hey, do not be ashamed of your love for The Cullens. :)

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