March 29, 2010

getting things going

now that we've gotten moved, i'm ready to re-focus a little of my energy to my very sad, little etsy shop. it's seriously been neglected over the past couple of months... but i'm ready to get back at it. so much so that i just ordered this fabric.

isn't it lovely? it makes me sigh. & makes my heart flutter just a bit. once i get my work area set up in the new place, i'm going to try to focus on a few specialty items in the shop. it seems to have gotten quite schizophrenic in there. and i'm not loving it. i'm thinking two to three items will be the max {ok, maybe four because i'm not ready to give up on the silhouettes yet}. you know, i'm just going to try to freshen things up a bit. and if i get excited about it, then surely others will too.

don't expect any new items by this weekend {i like goals, but i also like it when i can achieve the goals i set!}. i'm thinking you'll see things steadily start changing in the next 2-3 weeks. keep your eye out.

in the meantime, check out what's left in the shop for now...

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