March 31, 2010

the laundry room: phase 1

the laundry room in our new home is windowless, so we knew that we wanted something a little brighter than what was already there. & also something a little more soothing. you know, a color that makes you happy being in there. well, as happy as one can be doing laundry, that is.

we started with a color that has some yellow undertones. not loving the way that makes this room feel. so...

i've been in love with restoration hardware's 'silver sage' for, um, ever. but i get a great discount at sherwin williams. after a little investigating, we found the equivalent at sherwin williams. it's called 'comfort gray' and it's gorgeous. it's this warm silvery, green {duh. silver. sage.}. it looks a little bluer in the photo than it is in real life, but isn't it still pretty? it looks great on the walls, and i definitely think it brightens up the room, makes the trim pop {and we've got a white washer/dryer on the way}. it just feels fresh. and it'll be the kick-off color for the rest of the house {staying with nice, warm, but brighter tones}. i think i might even use it for the bonus room.

{side by side for easier comparison: before on left, after on right}

stay tuned for the rest of the laundry room updates. the washer/dryer are being delivered this morning. and we have plans for storage on the shelves and for storage in other unique spots.

March 29, 2010

getting things going

now that we've gotten moved, i'm ready to re-focus a little of my energy to my very sad, little etsy shop. it's seriously been neglected over the past couple of months... but i'm ready to get back at it. so much so that i just ordered this fabric.

isn't it lovely? it makes me sigh. & makes my heart flutter just a bit. once i get my work area set up in the new place, i'm going to try to focus on a few specialty items in the shop. it seems to have gotten quite schizophrenic in there. and i'm not loving it. i'm thinking two to three items will be the max {ok, maybe four because i'm not ready to give up on the silhouettes yet}. you know, i'm just going to try to freshen things up a bit. and if i get excited about it, then surely others will too.

don't expect any new items by this weekend {i like goals, but i also like it when i can achieve the goals i set!}. i'm thinking you'll see things steadily start changing in the next 2-3 weeks. keep your eye out.

in the meantime, check out what's left in the shop for now...

March 26, 2010

welcome home?

as we were standing in the garage of the new house last night, jeremy looked over his shoulder and said, "hey look! a tornado!" um, excuse me, what?

so i ran around the car, and sure enough, you could see the beginnings of something not-so-fun forming. i looked at him and said, "shouldn't we go inside?" jeremy: "oh yeah." so we grab cayden back out of the car and get in the house. cayden and i headed to the laundry room. jeremy headed to the nearest window.

anyway, it never completely formed and touched down – thank goodness! but it was still a little creepy. we couldn't get our cable turned on fast enough so jeremy had called his mom in the meantime. & of course they were reporting sights of a tornado RIGHT OVER OUR CITY!

ugh. all is well though, and the storm headed on out of there super-quick. but really? is that any way to welcome us to the neighborhood mother nature? i think not.

March 23, 2010

we closed. finally.

on both homes. whew! & this is how we celebrated our first dinner in the new home. firehouse subs for all. eaten in the floor of the master bedroom. it. was. awesome.

we'll continue to move everything in {slowly} during this week after work. everything should be done by friday evening... which means first night in the new house on friday. so exciting, yet so strange. i know it'll eventually feel like our home, but for now, it mostly feels like we're just putting our things into a new place... that isn't really ours yet.

{we really can't wait to get in there and make it our own. it'll be a while before the whole place is how we want it – hello money! – but we'll just take it one room at a time.}

our little model

on sunday, we went to kp studios and had a little photoshoot done of cayden. it was awesome, and kristie was able to capture so many great moments. i don't know why we hadn't gone before now {kicking myself just a bit}... but i do plan on going back more often. {hello, one year photos!}

anyway, these are just a few of our favorites from the day. looking through all the proofs online, i honestly don't see one that i
just don't love. ugh. it's going to be tough picking out which ones we want prints of!

{we got cayden's shirt from the spunky stork. they have this one & a ton of other cute things.}

March 17, 2010

hi & bye

omg. i die. seriously. this kid is killing me with his cuteness. i mean, cutest wave ever, right? yeah, that's what i thought.

{as a side note, please ignore my annoying voice and our makeshift baby gate/suitcase. sometimes you have to get creative when you're in the middle of moving, right?}

March 15, 2010

pizza, green beans & applesauce

that's what our big boy had for lunch today. and he apparently loved it. loved it so much that he had pizza sauce on his face, on his clothes and in his hair. but hey, i'm just glad that he's liking real food, you know? {on the other hand, it does seem like they'd put bibs on these kiddos while they're trying all this new food. but i guess that'd be a lot more laundry for school to take care of. i think we'll just keep oxiclean in stock in the meantime.}

tonight cayden had spaghetti for the first time. and he loved it too. maybe we have a lover of italian food on our hands? {it'd make sense. both his momma & daddy really like italian. yum.}

he's getting to be such a big boy. he doesn't look much like a baby anymore. quite the grown-up little fellow instead. sigh. i do wish it would slow down just a bit. on saturday, we'll celebrate his ten month-day. ten months? it's so cliche, but it does seem like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital...

so that's two months until the big birthday. guess it's time to start planning for that. no worries. this anal-retentive momma already has some ideas up her sleeves {some ideas all her own; others that have been inspired by the wonderful interwebs}.

until then, enjoy these couple of photos of cayden enjoying his spaghetti {mess & all}:

itty-bitty things

i know it may not mean much to you guys... but i'll let you in on a little secret: this is the rate we've scored on the financing for our new home.

at least we hope it is. cause see, with all this pushing the closing back crap, we're in danger of losing that itty-bitty rate. ugh. seriously, our mortgage guy got us a one week extension for free. if we don't close by this friday, our rate is either going up, or, we're going to have to pay to keep it down. i don't really like that, you know? so please say a little prayer that our buyers mortgage company {wells fargo} gets their act together this week so that we can all have a new home... at a good rate.

last bottle before bed

March 12, 2010


last night, jeremy ran to get some ice cream (thank you dq blizzard!). i was feeding cayden, and after he ate, he was in such a great mood that i had to grab the camera. i leave you with a couple of videos to start out your weekend...

if you make funny noises, he laughs:

and, some serious conversation (with some "momma" and "dada" throw in):

March 8, 2010

a beautiful weekend

the vulcan cup was this weekend in birmingham. and luckily, i have some soccer-playin' cousins from tennessee who always come for it. so saturday morning, we loaded up the little guy to go watch cousin john play soccer {and to see aunt julie}. it was a gorgeous morning and we had a great time. we had cayden covered from head to toe, and wouldn't you know a little place on his face still got a little too much sun. {i had the same problem, too. stupid fair skin.}

we ended up taking off after the game to go visit nana & pop in tennessee. dad hadn't actually seen cayden crawl yet {only via the blog}. it was nice to just have some quiet time with them. cayden even earned a new nickname – sputterbutt. he was having quite a few gas problems over the weekend, and pop said it. & now i think it's stuck. {little guy is teething right now, so we're having all sorts of bodily excretion problems. gross, i know.}

we're hoping to introduce you to the new set of teeth very soon. we're very much over the nights it's causing. {and i'll admit, i am very quick to put him in the bed just so we can all get some sleep. jeremy? not so much... although he does love a good cuddle bug just as much as me.}

March 5, 2010

the garage

ok, people. if you live in the birmingham-area and have never been to the garage, you must go. during the day, they serve the best sandwiches ever {complete with the best pickle spears around}. & at night, the place is actually quite magical.

it's an old antique mall that's been converted to a bar & sandwich joint. all the stalls that used to house different sellers are now filled with piles upon piles of, well, stuff. and they're glassed in so you can see everything while you're in the open courtyard {from old porcelain sinks to super-creepy porcelain dolls}. there's usually a cat {or two} wandering around. and you can't help but relax & enjoy the atmosphere ...

... which was exactly what jeremy & i needed during lunch today. cause, you see, our house closing got pushed. again. & after a mini-meltdown this morning, we both needed to just see each other and chill out. the garage was the perfect choice...

March 4, 2010

he's got mad skillz

see? standing and snacking at the same time:

and my new favorite, the cayden dance (i hear 'single ladies' for some reason every time i watch it. when he puts that one hand in the air, i can't help but giggle):

March 2, 2010


so far? best birthday ever. seriously. jeremy {and cayden} brought me breakfast & presents in bed this morning. cayden even handed me his card & then grabbed jeremy's out of the bag and handed me that one too. sweet kid... {ok, fine, he wanted to just chew on both of them, but it was kind of like he was handing them to me.}

jeremy got me several great gifts: this book, some great chap sticks {i'm always complaining about my lips!}, sour candies {love them}, and this eyelash curler that i've been wanting, um, forever?

i can't wait to go out at lunch and spend my birthday money {thanks momma and becky}. and then, once the weather warms up, i can't wait to wear what my sister bought me.

oh, and my nephew wins for best card. it sang. & it was a bratz card. i mean, how could it get any better?

March 1, 2010

sweet snuggles

recommended reading

i thought i'd try a new thing on here. some of you may love it, some of you may hate it. but whatever. you're getting it. & who knows? perhaps you'll find something you like?

i love reading; always have, most likely always will. i just got finished reading the girl with the dragon tattoo. & i highly recommend. seriously, it's compared to silence of the lambs. it takes some time building up these great main characters and then BAM! you're in the middle of this mystery with so much going on all at once. i didn't want to put the book down... but, with a nine month old at home, my attention was fleeting at best.

so, if you're at all interested in drama/mystery/slight romance {very slight}, then pick it up. as always, amazon has a great price on it.

up next? quite possibly the sequel, or i may start into a series borrowed from a friend at work {that revolves around vampires... i know, i know. oh, and it's not twilight. i've already been there, done that – a couple of times. ::blushes::}.
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