February 11, 2010

they countered back

and we're accepting! there are closing costs being provided. and, since this was a model home, they're letting us keep the refrigerator too. (it has one small ding in it, but hey, it's stainless, so that's at least $1000 saved right there!)

we have the inspection on our current home this afternoon at 2:30. as long as all goes well with it, i think it's go time. gah!

here are a few interior shots of the new home (with the current model furniture/props). i'm looking forward to taking photos when it's empty and then putting our touch on the whole house. and i can't tell you how excited i am about the bonus room. finally, a place to put my sewing machine!





Ashley said...

Congrats! And it looks brandnew! How exciting!

Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

So cute and exciting!!!

Tom Bejgrowicz said...

Fingers crossed for the final details but CONGRATULATIONS!!! It looks warm and comfy already. Nice one…

Dunc said...

That's so exciting, congratulations!

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