February 25, 2010

sweet sofie

last night we were able to finally meet sofie, our friend michele's brand new daughter. she slept the entire time we were there (even through a dog barking and cayden squealing with delight at said dog). new babies are just so tiny and precious, and this one was no exception.

and, after witnessing how much cayden l-o-v-e-d michele's dog, sookie, well, i think we might have to look into getting a dog sometime in the future. it'll have to be after we have our yard fenced in... and that might be a good year away. but hey, then cayden could help us pick him out (from the humane society, or a greyhound rescue).

all photography taken by jeremy


Rachel said...

Sofie is beautiful! Michele did a great job! And yes, looks like Mr. Cayden needs a doggie! Love the photo of Sookie licking toes!

Jenny said...

Doggie for Cayden = Excellent idea!

Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner! said...

Beautiful babies!!! Just beautiful!! Found you on Top Mom Blogs! Sending you a vote today!
Coming back to visit!

Mama Holli

emily bilbrey said...

aaack! so cute! little newborn nuggets make me want to poke holes in things i shouldn't! ;D

that cayden is SO CUTE! love his name! very unique and cool.


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