February 1, 2010

sold! (well, almost)

... we officially have a contract on our house! fingers crossed that the appraisal and inspection go perfectly smooth. oh, and that we find ourselves a new home. before, you know, february 26. gah!

i have to make a list. or many lists. doh, and packing. must. start. soon. i dread the kitchen.

we're hoping to find our new house by this weekend. wish us luck!


Rachel said...

It will happen! YAY!!! So excited about this and can't wait to see the new house, of course I'm sure you can't wait to find one! :)

Ashley said...

That is excellent news! Hooray! We went through this last year and I wish I had some kind of wonderful advice to give you. The whole thing is super stressful but just get all of your wants and dislikes out on paper. That will help tremendously! And I put together a spreadsheet to help out with scheduling the packing up. Even if I was the only one who abided by it, it was helpful!

Tom Bejgrowicz said...

I'll be Facebooking, Tweeting, Friendstering, MySpacing, Instant Messaging, Skyping, blogging, pixting, texting, emailing, calling and snail mailing you guy all the luck in nailing this deal down as is humanly, and technologically-drivenly, possible. Oh, and my fingers are crossed too!

becca said...

rach: we're hoping it goes through & excited to look at homes today.

ashley: i'm doing my best to stay stress-free. sounds like it's going to be a crazy month for work on top of all of this though. ugh.

tom b: your comment made me laugh. out loud. as per usual.

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