February 5, 2010

latest on the house front

we saw two more houses last night. originally, we were supposed to see four. but, one had a contract on it and another had been withdrawn the day before. ugh. story of our lives at the moment. of the two we saw last night, one might work.


it's cute. and it has personality. but ALL of the carpet would need to be replaced (seriously, i saw four different types of carpet in there and none were in great shape). and the master bath would need a serious overhaul. and, while we're at it, a couple of walls would probably be knocked out. the kitchen would be redone. and we're thinking the upstairs would need a couple of skylights to make it seem a little less claustrophobic. it's listed for a pretty hefty price, so we'd have to negotiate a much lower price to make up for all the work it needs.

we have about seven houses lined up to see on saturday. maybe one of those would speak to us AND not need a ton of work. we'll see...

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