February 10, 2010

house update

over the weekend we put an offer in on the "dirty house." we saw it on saturday. loved the floorplan and the yard. went back and saw it again on sunday to look once more. and submitted the offer that afternoon. monday night our realtor called to let us know that the owners were taking it off the market. ugh.

after looking at a few homes yesterday, we went back to this one neighborhood that we've loved forever. and we'd actually looked at this home last fall. and well, we decided that it just might be the one (considering everything else was going so, so wrong). we're going to write up an offer on it tonight.

it's a brand new build. if all goes well and we close on our current home on february 26, we should be able to close on the new home that afternoon and move on in.




pharmgurhl said...

Just remember that the Lord works in mysterious ways....the 'dirty' house probably had some underlying problem that no one knows about yet...and God was protecting you from a disaster! This house is really pretty and was built just for you...right on the rock that God has prepared...for you. Hope everything goes well here on out! love you guys!

becca said...

jodi, what a sweet comment! we'll keep you posted on how it all goes. and you know we'll be inviting you guys over for a cookout soon enough. love you back!

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