February 3, 2010

house hunters

jeremy and i went looking for houses yesterday afternoon. the shortest we stayed in one? about a minute. yeah, the floors were buckled and there was mold in the garage. no thanks. we did come out with some potentials though.

the {MAX & BEAU}

this house is a short sale. and we need a house quick. so we might have to find in between housing if we go this route. it's a great house though and probably marked way below market value. it needs some tlc for sure. paint in every room and new fixtures throughout. and the kitchen is ghetto. some cabinets still have their knobs, some have a different knob, and some have no knobs. the pictures show it in pristine condition... but don't let them fool you. either way, it's a nice-sized home for a good price. pretty sure it's at the top of our list at the moment.


still under construction. forty days to finish. the pros? we could choose our finishes. the cons? we're not in love with the neighborhood. it's only two streets. and there are some sketchy looking trailer homes around it (not that there's anything wrong with trailer homes, but you guys would understand if you saw). still a contender though.


we call it that lovingly. and only because we didn't get to see it yesterday because the owners declared it "too dirty." we'll be taking a peek at it this weekend. and if the photos don't lie, it looks like it could be in the running.

who knew this would be so tiring? we saw five homes yesterday and came back with one potential. ONE! that's crazy talk. but, it is all very exciting too... hoping to put an offer in on one of the above over the weekend or early next week.

speaking of, anyone out there dealt with a short sale before? any advice? thanks again for all the well wishes in this process. we certainly need it!


Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

I bet his process is so overwhelming. I have only ever looked at crappy apartments for one person and that was hard. I cant imagine a whole house for fam! But it is exciting too! Enjoy it!

Kelly C said...

Hey lady. I bought my house here in Austin as a short sale. It eventually worked out great but there are some things to be aware of. The seller's bank takes a while to accept/reject an offer...mine was a month +. Also, often the utilities are turned off so either you have to pay to have them turned on for the inspection or you just have to assume that all will be ok. Things like that can be a real PITA but it was worth it for me to have such a good price on it. EEEEEE! Good luck!

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