February 5, 2010

ear infections

cayden has yet another double ear infection. geez, kid. let's slow down on those, ok? we recognized the signs this time (yay us!). it seems like there's something new to come along with each ear infection though.

the very first one he had, we had no clue. except for an annoying cough. we thought he had a cold. nope, double ear infection.

the second one? serious eye gunk issues. if you don't remember, take a look back here.

and this one? well, he has a cough (sign #1) and a few eye boogies (sign #2). turns out that the rash on his face and, um, nether regions is from the ear infection too. so we have antibiotics AND an ointment for this one.

pure craziness. but, as always, cayden's a trooper...

1 comment:

Rachel said...

That little booger! Silly double ear infections. Hope to be able to love on him some tonight though!

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