February 24, 2010

because the cool kids are doing it

listen, i know there are quite a few readers out there {i stalk people, you know}, so while you're here, do something for me, ok? see that square link for top baby blogs over to the right? click on that for me. it's a site for mommy bloggers and the more votes i get, the more i move up in the polls. right now, i sit at #106 with three whole votes. sigh. i can do better. and the higher i move up in the rankings, the more people might actually look at my blog.

why is that important? i don't know; it just seems like it is. call me vain?

if you don't want to click on the link to the side, you can just click here. oh, and while you're here, just go ahead and follow the blog too. all you have to do is click on 'follow' {also to the right}. and ta-da, you'll be able to see when i've last posted {you can be a stalker too!}.

ok, that's all for now. thanks guys. you're the best.

ETA: all you have to do is click; there's no place to vote. your click is your vote... 

and one more note: click on that bottom banner too. it's similar, but different. again, vain here, remember. (but not really.) i just want other people to enjoy the awesomeness of our life.
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