January 4, 2010

a new beginning

a blog that i love to read has issued a challenge: McFatty Mondays

yep, that's right. take a moment to visit blair's blog and read a few entries. bet you'll be hooked. (well, if you're a momma to a fairly new kid, you'll most likely be hooked. if you have no interest whatsoever in that subject, then you'll probably just think we're all weird.)

anyway, back to the point. am i overweight? maybe by a few pounds for my height. am i out of shape? completely. was it all worth it to get our beautiful son? absolutely. no doubt in my mind.

but i am tired of being a bit uncomfortable in my own skin. with that thought in mind, i'm joining the mcfatty mondays crowd and am going to do my best to get back in shape and report my gains and struggles here on mondays.

i've vowed no sodas during the week at all. one coffee a day and water for the rest of the day. (sodas are ok for the weekend, but going to do my best to keep even that to one a day.)

i've vowed to wake up every morning and let jillian michaels kick my ass for 30 mins.

and i've vowed to try to love running and do my best to commit to it.

so, if you want to know what's going on with me health-wise, come back every monday and i'll give a follow-up of how i've done the previous week. i wish i was brave enough to post some stats for you guys... but i'm just not there yet. perhaps i'll take a before photo, and then sometime in the future, if i feel that i've made enough progress, i'll share my before/after with you then.

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