January 20, 2010


this is actually his second mohawk; his first one was just days after we brought him home from the hospital... but he didn't have all that much hair then. and well, now he does have some! as you can tell, when his hair is wet, there's no longer any hint of red in it. in fact, it looks pretty dark when it's wet. which is crazy considering it's so white when it's dry!

also, i read today that baby's eye color is probably pretty set by now. his eyes are still blue; guess he's getting those from his grandmothers. jeremy's eyes are pretty dark – almost brown. and mine are green. i've always wanted blue eyes, so i'd be happy to see cayden's stay blue... although i do think there's still a chance that they might go green. (which would be fine too.)

1 comment:

Rachel said...

He's just the cutest...and I think you are right, his eyes are staying blue. I've been saying that for a while!

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