January 11, 2010

mcfatty monday

yeah, it's that time of the week again. and i'm a little ashamed to admit that even after blogging about it last week, i didn't do much to change myself this week. but here is what i did do:

• did jillian's 30 day shred. once. (i'm working on getting better.)
• drink water during the week. (except for that one diet dr. pepper that showed up on my desk.)
• ate at home more. (and that's huge. really.)

jeremy and i have decided to take a week at a time and cook. last week was his week. he planned the menu and the grocery list. this week is mine. last night we had black bean burritos. (had them at lunch too.) we plan to cook every night this week. taco pie, shrimp pasta, cheese lasagna and black bean soup are all on the list for the week. oh, and can i just say that we saved money buying stuff to make food rather than buying it pre-packaged? seriously... we got all our food for the week for $50! yay us!

but i digress. goals for this week:
• do jillian more than once this week
• continue to drink tons of water
• get out for a least one run this week (the weather's turning warmer!)

all in all, it wasn't an awful week. the scale did say that i was down a pound this morning... and fine, i'm putting it all out there. it read 152.5. ugh. and while i'm at it, i'll just put it all out there... while pregnant, i gained a total of 31 pounds (geez!)... i topped out at 186. and that was terrifying for me. so yes, back down below pre-pregnancy weight... but as i've said before, it isn't pretty.

so i'll add on one more goal:
• try to drop 0.5-1.0 pound this week

whew. i did it. you all know the deepest, darkest secret a girl can keep. now, to prove to myself that i can see those 130s again... one day, right?

oh, and another inspiring thing? biggest loser started up again last week. love. that. show.


Rachel said...

Aw, that's not bad at all and don't be ashamed, you know I'm proud of you :) And besides, that is NOTHING to be ashamed about.

Ashley said...

You looked great while pregnant and you look great now! And now that it looks like you have a mobile child, you'll be chasing him all over the house which I can imagine will equal a ton of exercise! I like this McFatty Monday thing. I might have to try it. Minus the current weight thing. I'm not ready to reveal that yet!

becca said...

thanks for the encouragement guys.

ashley - it took me a bit to get the courage to actually post this entry. but now that it's out there, i'm accountable to something! whew!

Jen said...

Becca - just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Cayden is so handsome and your etsy shop is so cute - I'm going to have to buy some stuff for the girls! And hey, way to go with the McFatty Mondays - you are way braver than I! I feel ya on the pregnancy weight though - things just do NOT look the same anymore. Props to you for being so motivated (though for the record, from your pics, I think you look great).

Keep up the good blogging work! :)


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