January 18, 2010

mcfatty monday: week 3

goals achieved:
• did jillian more than once. i did it twice.
• and that's it.

seriously. i drank soda during the week and i didn't get out for one. single. run. i also didn't lose any weight this week. i didn't gain any either, so that's at least good.

i'm having problems with my schedule. sure, i have the alarm set for 5:20 every morning. it goes off. i get out of bed and reset it. i'm good at that. but when i get home in the afternoons, there's so little time with cayden before he goes to bed (now around 7:30ish), that i don't exercise then either. and then after he goes to bed, i just want to sit still and watch tv. or knit. (yep, learned how to do that the last couple of weeks!) something has to give here... just not entirely sure what it is yet.

ok, goals for this next week:
• jillian more than twice. preferably more than three times.
• only water during the work week (so far, so good on that one).
• get out at least once for a run (same as last week!). it is warmer, but it's also supposed to be wetter this week. we'll see how it pans out.
• drop 0.5-1.0 pounds.
• finish knitting project and start etsy projects.

and on a non-mcfatty monday note: i'm thinking of combining this blog with my etsy blog. think that would hurt/help? it'd be easier on me to just update this one blog... but on the other hand, all of my business cards have the other blog site listed on them. can't you do something that redirects to the new site? gah, of course i can't make up my mind

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Getting into an exercise habit is super hard with a crazy schedule. I can only imagine how hard it is with a baby in tow.

I love looking at your etsy page! I've got to get with you on some upcoming baby shower gifts.

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