January 5, 2010

but i need it!

we got the new west elm catalog in the mail yesterday. i perused it yesterday afternoon and ran across many things that i need. ok, i don't really need them, but i would love to have them in my home at some point...

speaking of homes, ours is still for sale. we have one potential as of today. keeping our fingers crossed that his financing pulls through and that he loves the house just as much now as he did the first time he saw it, and we might have a deal. (everyone, say your prayers and keep your fingers crossed, too!)

if we get a new home, these are just a few things i'd like to see in it.

1. baxter sectional: loving that gray color
2. upholstered slipper chair: that pop of yellow!
3. storage bed frame: there are drawers in it!
4. andalusia rug: it would look so good with the couch & chair

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you. We have ours up for sale and so need something bigger - 6 people in a small 3 bedroom house is a little crowded.

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