September 29, 2009

new obsession...

... i'm so behind the times on this, but i've fallen in love with the rachel zoe project on bravo. sometimes, i think i could be really into fashion. but then i look at my budget, and my time, and i just can't figure out how to make it work. i could be a cute dresser. and i could have a closet full of kick-ass shoes. but i don't. i go for comfort over fashion almost every day.

but i think i'm getting over that. i think i'm wanting to get into fashion and start looking just a little bit nicer at work. right now, i'm wearing jeans - cuffed, white tank, gray cardigan and black sandals... boring.

one day, i'll get around to having a nicer wardrobe. i hope. for now, i'll just drool over camp zoe's jobs. and rachel zoe's ridiculous amount of jewelry. and shoes. and cute sparkly outfits.

need. shopping. trip. soon. gah!

photo courtesy of bravo tv

September 24, 2009

gap casting call

okay guys, i really think mr. cayden is the cutest thing ever. but that really goes without saying. if you think he's a cutie too, please go vote for him at the gap casting call site! there are a lot of cute kids over there, so feel free to vote for whomever (i won't hold it against you if you don't vote for cayden). i think you can only vote once a day for one photo (read: go vote every day!) until nov. 17. follow the link below to find cayden:

then enter his number(s): 513056851 & 123056612

(you can vote for both photos every day. it does require you to register for a account for the vote to count)

EDIT: some people are having a hard time with the above numbers. if those don't work for you, try typing in 'becca7903' in the search area and see if that won't pull his photos up for you.

September 23, 2009

a new look...

... for the fall. what do you guys think? it's a little cutesy for me, too, but i also really kind of like it. there's this great site where you can get all sorts of cute backgrounds for your blog. and guess what? it's FREE! ridiculous, i know. the only problem i have is that they put that little logo thing in the upper left corner. if i were savvy enough, i'm sure i could figure out how to rid myself of it, but, i'm not. eh, oh well.

anyway, i'll leave this background up for a while and will maybe change it out with the seasons or holidays. keep things interesting, you know?

hope all is well with everyone out there...

EDIT: with help of a certain wonderful hubby, we figured out how to take the logo out. wahoo!

September 21, 2009

four month check-up

look at my booboos. i have them on both legs, and i tried to be a big boy, but golly, they hurt. so i cried. quite a bit. but then it was over and i was fine. see, i even took to playing a little bit this afternoon. (i took a nap soon afterward and was a little cranky when i woke up though.)

[all in all, it went pretty well. cayden weighed in at 14 pounds, 12 ounces (50% percentile for weight again) and measured a whopping 26 inches long (75% for height again). and well, he still has a pretty big noggin! dr. c says that he's doing really great and growing along at a perfect rate. we go back at six months... i'm sure cayden's okay with waiting a couple more months to go back at this rate!]

p.s. that's a cats tail that you see going in front of cayden in the video. these cats... seems they want some attention too!

September 20, 2009

cayden's baptism

last sunday (9.13.09), we had cayden baptized at riverchase united methodist church. it was a beautiful day for us, and i was thisclose to crying during the service. we have a video of the service; it's too large for me to try and upload from home, so if i can remember, i'll try to take it to work and get it uploaded there. either way, here are a couple of photos of cayden in his outfit from the day (we were lucky; it was very close to being too small! whew!).

four months old

September 17, 2009

call us crazy...

... but jeremy and i have decided to run in this year's susan g. komen race for the cure. we're attempting the 5k (which is where the crazy comes in). they don't require you to raise money to run in it, but putting money towards this cause never hurt anyone. with that in mind, please consider donating.

you can donate to my page here. (click on 'here')
or you can donate to jeremy's page here. (click on 'here')

we thank everyone (in advance) for donating. and just keep us in your thoughts as we attempt this small feat. thanks!

September 12, 2009

two things.

one. our baby has the worst diaper rash i've ever seen. ok, so i haven't ever seen a diaper rash, but this is bad! it makes me uncomfortable thinking about what kind of pain he's in... so, to help things out, we're keeping him naked as much as we can this weekend.

two. cayden rolled from tummy to back today! he's been close for forever, but today, it finally happened. see below photos of the progression, and refer to the above paragraph if you're confused as to why he's naked.

September 11, 2009

the elusive belly laugh!

it's just a short one, but man, it's still SO good! i keep watching it over and over, and expect that some of you will do the same. enjoy!

September 8, 2009

note to self:

sometimes you get more than you bargained for...

seriously though, we were getting some great belly laughs before we picked up the camera. and we thought we could catch them for you guys... but all we got were a couple of squeals and a nice surprise at the end. hoping to catch one of those belly laughs soon. they're much too cute to not share.

(no, you're not crazy; that's our washing machine beeping in the background. and how much do you love my "ew" at the end of the clip? yeah, it's awesome.)

our home.

it's listed, and if you want to buy it, i'll be glad for you to do so for the right price! seriously, if you have any friends or family looking for a great starter home, point them in our direction.

we've found a home that we want to put an offer on, but have decided to wait until we have an offer on ours (and a solid offer at that). it's a new build in alabaster (a little bit further out than pelham) with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. the fourth bedroom is above the garage (with a closet, counting it as a bedroom), and we would use it as a playroom/office/work out area for the time being. it's such a cute house. oh, and it has a garage... which we could desperately use. (i'm sure jeremy would agree considering the jeep's been flooded twice this week with surprise rain showers!)

anyway, hope you enjoy the photo tour of our home... we do love this place, and i'm sure we'll miss it a ton... but having extra space to grow over the next few years would be lovely too.

September 4, 2009

rtr, baby!

that's right. it's that time of year again. the cooler weather starts drifting in (well, at some point it will, i swear!) and the air just smells of college football. and if you're from the south, it's all about sec football. gah, i love this time of year.
as an alumni of alabama (and jeremy being a huge fan, too), we feel we need to get cayden started on the right foot cheering for the better team (no comments, please!). anyway, it's his first football weekend, and in celebration of that, he wore his first team onesie to daycare today. and of course, mommy and daddy couldn't resist getting a few photos of him.
geez, if i didn't love him enough already, these pictures would definitely help. we are continually surprised by how much we love and adore this little fella...

and let the craziness begin...

it's officially, official. we're back on the market (a year and a few months later). i promise to get a post done of all the finished rooms soon. just keep us in your thoughts that this goes smoothly, and that we might actually sell our house this time. ::fingers crossed here::

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