December 3, 2009

we just might be crazy

jeremy and i have decided to train for the music city half marathon. 13.1 miles. gulp. training starts this next week... which gives us right at 19 weeks total before the race. the cool thing about this race (other than it being in nashville) are the awesome sites we'll see while running (you start in centennial park! hello parthenon!) and there are stages set up along the way where there will be bands playing. and at the end, there's a huge concert for all the participants.

jeremy and i needed something to get us kick-started on a healthier us... and well, this just might do it. one day at a time.

(i put this all in "writing" so you guys can help hold us accountable. don't be afraid to ask how the training's going if you run into us somewhere.)


Tom Bejgrowicz said...

Change the title of this post to "there is no doubt, we are flat-out crazy." (laughs)

becca said...

for real... insane might be the better word for it. but i'm excited about the torture to come - what does that mean? ha!

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