November 9, 2009

tex mex chili

so last week, i tweeted about needing a new chili recipe, and foodista came to the rescue with this recipe. we went shopping yesterday and got all of the ingredients. i started the crockpot around 1ish and we ate at about 5:30. delicious. for real. it's a little on the spicy side (just the right kind of burn, not oh-my-goodness-i-can't-eat-this). it'll be added into our rotation every so often now.

we substituted a few things (morningstar crumbles for the pound of ground meat) and left a few things out (celery - mostly because i never eat the rest of it when we buy it, and rotten celery is just plain gross; and the can of tomatoes - neither of us are big fans of chunky cooked tomatoes). definitely try it out sometime... we topped it with mozzarella cheese, fritos and sour cream.

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