November 24, 2009


we were in tennessee this weekend visiting with nana and pop. nana had let us know that the franklin santa was already at the mall, and that there probably wouldn't be much of a line yet. so we all decided to tackle the big event.

as we were standing in line, cayden started getting a little fussy - it was time to eat and we had left the bottle in the car. i started to get a little worried that he wouldn't do so good with santa, so we asked rachel and justin if we could go first.

he was a pro though! just a happy little fella. after we had his photo taken, we got ethan and lexie in on the fun (nana wanted one photo with all the grandkids in it). all three of them did great and we got one with all three of them smiling (i'll have to get that one from nana).

overall, a great first santa experience. no worries, i totally expect a meltdown next year.

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pharmgurhl said...

VERY SWEET!!!! much better than balin did! and last year...meltdown?..I have no idea what you would call what balin did. we will try again this year....fingers crossed!

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