November 6, 2009

be still, my heart

we're going tailgating tomorrow. in tuscaloosa. one of my most favorite places ever. the last time we went to tuscaloosa was also the day we found out we were pregnant with cayden (sept. '09). so it's even more special to us now. i went to ua and loved every. single. minute. i had an awesome college experience, and was lucky enough to meet (and marry!) someone who has loved 'bama since he was a little lad. and we're excited to start sharing our love of 'bama with the little man.

roll tide, 'bama. beat those silly tigers! (but please let us run into someone who's cooking some authentic gumbo along the way. k, thanks.)


Ashley said...

We'll be serving corn dogs and gumbo at our tailgate. Feel free to stop by!

-- Ashley

becca said...

we might just do that. thanks ashley!

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