October 30, 2009

oh, halloween

decorations one year (front and back):

so every year, for the past six or so years, jeremy and i have thrown a huge halloween bash. this year? not so much. see, this year, our budget is just a little bit tighter, and well, with cayden around, i guess priorities change just a little bit. i wish i could say that i wasn't disappointed that we're not having it, but honestly? i am a little disappointed. but that's ok.

we have plans to go trick-or-treating with rachel and ethan tomorrow night. (not that cayden will be participating in the eating of candy, but we thought it would be fun to take him around. please keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain!)

in lieu of dressing up this year, here are a few photos of halloween in years past. such fun...

g.i. joe and strawberry shortcake:

strawberry shortcake and priest:

willy wonka and can-can girl:

ballerina, greek goddess and kitty cat:

black widow and her prey and fifth element:

1 comment:

Sally Jane Vintage said...

We miss your Halloween parties!

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