October 2, 2009

new header

so, my sweet friend, caroline, had a little bit of a blog makeover last week (or maybe earlier this week - who knows anymore?). and it got me to thinking... i can totally make over my blog. at least a little bit. so her new look inspired me to at least create a custom header for mine.

anyone that knows me has to know that gray/orange are one of my absolute favorite color combinations. love it. so that's where that plays in... and well, let's face it. anytime jeremy and i go out, we have to grab a cart to put our precious cargo in. target? yep. publix? yep. old navy? yep. home depot? yep...

so that's how it all came about. love of colors, and playing off the title of the blog. thoughts?

(and i promise, i have cayden photos to post. we tried rice cereal last weekend, and there are a couple of photos to share from that experience. we haven't gotten him to eat it since then though. all we get are screams. one day at a time...)

1 comment:

Caroline said...

I dig! Alot!
(and slyhog was my word verication. I just thought that was funny, slyhog.)

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