October 18, 2009

ethan's first soccer game

saturday morning, the family loaded up (including nana, who drove all the way from tennessee) and went to see ethan play his first ever soccer match. picture this: two groups of eleven three-year-olds, forty-something degrees, no sunshine and lots of parents, family and friends.

seriously, it was cold. but the cutest little girl running across the field during the first "match" screaming "i gotta potty!" made it all worth it. well, that and seeing our nephew play his hardest. these kids were just too cute, and you can definitely tell there are some future soccer players in the making.

i was busy holding cayden (and trying to keep him warm). all these photos are courtesy of jeremy. pretty good lookin' stuff, no?


Rachel said...

LOVE these! And you should know I'm stealing these few for myself :) I just need to get all of mine uploaded but of course, I didn't get any that were this great. Thanks Uncle Jeremy!!

malindakay said...

I just peered over the fabric wall your sister and I share to tell her HOW CUTE little Ethan is. These pictures are adorable in every way.

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