October 27, 2009

boo at the zoo

on saturday evening, we went to boo at the zoo with the whole family. i'm thankful the event was only $7 a person as it was pretty lame. if we had extra money (and hadn't arrived so late), it would've totally been worth getting the extra $10 wristband that allowed you into all these other types of activities. as it was though? lame.

except for this guy:

we stood there for a good few minutes trying to decide if it was a real person. justin decided to go sit with him... and he could see him breathing and blinking. what an incredible costume. so, after we walked away, we saw a larger group of people approaching him. one even went up and touched his head. and then, as one person leaned in to get a closer look, he attacked! jumped out and screamed at the same time. i nearly died laughing at the group of people screaming and jumping back. i don't think this guy was affiliated with the zoo at all. i really think he was doing it just for kicks. but it was awesome.

ok, and some of the decorations were neat... there was a whole area of the nightmare before christmas (love it):

my niece was lookin' all pretty as belle (from beauty and
the beast), and my nephew was cracking me up in his luigi costume:

cutest skeleton ever:

and all three of them (we couldn't get ethan to be happy for a group photo):

all in all, we had a good time and it wasn't too cold either... if we go next year, we'll go earlier and buy the wristband.

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