October 2, 2009


ok, so as you know, our home is currently on the market. we had a couple come look a few weeks back. according to their realtor, it's the best townhome she's ever shown. unfortunately, we never heard back from them.

then, on tuesday night, we had someone want to see the house – with 5 to 10 minutes notice. gah! we had dinner on the stove, and a napping baby. there was no way we could get the house picked up and out of there in time. so we showed it with us there, with laundry sorted on the family room floor and with dinner cooking on the stove.

and guess what? in the eight houses this guy saw, we were in the top four! amazing, right? and guess what again? he's coming back to see the place this afternoon! yay! i made a huge detailed list for jeremy of things to do while he was home during lunch. (he says he almost swallowed his tongue when he saw my list. i can't help it. i'm detailed. and organized. it makes lists long.)

anyway, so now i'm anxiously excited that this guy wants to see it for a second time. could our house really sell this time? fingers crossed that it does. and if it does, i want an area in our new home that looks similar to this (photo grabbed from the new online mag lonny. you should seriously check it out.)

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