September 12, 2009

two things.

one. our baby has the worst diaper rash i've ever seen. ok, so i haven't ever seen a diaper rash, but this is bad! it makes me uncomfortable thinking about what kind of pain he's in... so, to help things out, we're keeping him naked as much as we can this weekend.

two. cayden rolled from tummy to back today! he's been close for forever, but today, it finally happened. see below photos of the progression, and refer to the above paragraph if you're confused as to why he's naked.


Becky said...

We love you, Cayden (Mommy or Daddy will have to read this to you). We're sorry we couldn't be with you today. Hope you have a good week.

Granna and Poppa

pharmgurhl said...

yay Cayden for the roll over! woohoo!

how's the diaper rash?.... when Balin got it really bad, we discovered that "A+D with Zinc Oxide" did the trick over all other brands...i know every baby is different....but if you were still needing some relief with that, perhaps you could give it a whirl.

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