September 8, 2009

our home.

it's listed, and if you want to buy it, i'll be glad for you to do so for the right price! seriously, if you have any friends or family looking for a great starter home, point them in our direction.

we've found a home that we want to put an offer on, but have decided to wait until we have an offer on ours (and a solid offer at that). it's a new build in alabaster (a little bit further out than pelham) with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. the fourth bedroom is above the garage (with a closet, counting it as a bedroom), and we would use it as a playroom/office/work out area for the time being. it's such a cute house. oh, and it has a garage... which we could desperately use. (i'm sure jeremy would agree considering the jeep's been flooded twice this week with surprise rain showers!)

anyway, hope you enjoy the photo tour of our home... we do love this place, and i'm sure we'll miss it a ton... but having extra space to grow over the next few years would be lovely too.

1 comment:

Caroline said...

I love your home! Very cute. i really like those his and hers sinks as well.

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