September 29, 2009

new obsession...

... i'm so behind the times on this, but i've fallen in love with the rachel zoe project on bravo. sometimes, i think i could be really into fashion. but then i look at my budget, and my time, and i just can't figure out how to make it work. i could be a cute dresser. and i could have a closet full of kick-ass shoes. but i don't. i go for comfort over fashion almost every day.

but i think i'm getting over that. i think i'm wanting to get into fashion and start looking just a little bit nicer at work. right now, i'm wearing jeans - cuffed, white tank, gray cardigan and black sandals... boring.

one day, i'll get around to having a nicer wardrobe. i hope. for now, i'll just drool over camp zoe's jobs. and rachel zoe's ridiculous amount of jewelry. and shoes. and cute sparkly outfits.

need. shopping. trip. soon. gah!

photo courtesy of bravo tv

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